About Us

The origin of Future Electronics

  • Founded in 2017, our company aim to create a high-tech smart home life, and also the pioneer in solar power Feed-in Tariff in Hong Kong. After handling hundreds of successful cases, we found the key to success. Guiding by the tenet of customer first, we provide customers with high-quality and caring one-stop service. Customers will enjoy the convenience and wealth generated from the renewable energy without doing anything.
    ★ Future Electronics is the registered electrical contractor approved by EMSD, REC No. 034228.

  • ➤ The leader within the industry;
    ➤ All projects’ processes are monitored by our professional licensed technicians;
    ➤ Hundreds of successful cases completed.

Business philosophy

Our purpose:Take the sincerity as the purpose, treat guests sincerely, and unite as one.

FE promises to take the sustainable development of both technology and the environment as its belief, and work with nature to create a sustainable future.

Business area

Solar system

Smart home

Home cleaning service and product purchase

Features and advantages

No. 1 Power in Hong Kong

Efficient and optimized system to achieve the highest power in Hong Kong

Diversified selection of materials

Our selection of materials will be based on the different conditions of individual rooftops, combined with customer needs, design and installation methods, to achieve the ultimate craftsmanship that integrates beauty, safety and high returns.

The most cost-effective

Choose the best materials and solar panels at the lowest price to get the highest cost performance.

Real one-stop service

The founding team of the industry will help you solve all the problems encountered in this process, including legal issues involved, tricky issues from the application to the grid-connection, and provide WhatsApp technical support and progress inquiries throughout the process.

Safety Certificate

The authorized person (AP) approves and signs the structural safety certificate, and archives it in the buildings department, including the safety certificate required by the government, which can eliminate all the owners' doubts about illegal construction.

Three-year warranty

We provide three-year free maintenance (including work and materials), and if necessary, the maintenance can be extended; after-sales, we also provide WhatsApp technical support and progress inquiries throughout the process to ensure that maintenance matters will be processed within ten working days.

Our Business Partner

FE’s Free on-site evaluation