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The best choice

Solar panel components

The wise choice


Five high-efficiency technologies to generate strong power

  • ★Higher output power
  • ★Better temperature coefficient
  • ★Perfect combination of performance and economic benefits

The Supreme Choice


More than 42 years of rich experience and leading HIT technology.

  • ★Unique HIT technology can effectively reduce the loss of electronics.
  • ★Temperature coefficient as low as -0.258%/°C, more resistant to high temperature environment.
  • ★Humanized design, can accurately monitor the efficacy of a single component.

Affordable choice


A better choice for low cost

  • ★Light transmission and reflection realize double-sided power generation, good power generation performance under shadow conditions
  • ★Strong resistance to hot spots
  • ★Adapt to high temperature and high radiation environment

The Trendy choice

LG Solar

Solar panels from the future

  • ★Higher power with a smaller area
  • ★Strong high temperature resistance
  • ★Relatively slow degradation process makes the panel a longer life

How to choose a suitable
solar panel for you?

  • Our goal is to produce maximum power in a limited space.
  • Consider that the functionality of the solar panel is compatible with the actual environment.
  • Note that the durability of solar panels affects returns.
  • How to identify original genuine solar panels.



AI-supported distributed three-phase inverter

  • ★Built-in AFCI, support DC arc detection, actively reduce the risk of fire.
  • ★Maximum efficiency 98.65%, natural cooling design.
  • ★IP65 protection level, no wearing parts, maintenance-free equipment.


Leading enterprise, users' first choice

  • ★Efficient power generation is more durable; smart cloud monitoring by mobile phone making it more convenient.
  • ★Lightning resistance, EMC comparable to household appliances, low radiation and safer.
  • ★IP65 protection level and high-end design of aluminum alloy die-casting, durable.

Solar stent materials

Aviation Aluminum

Aluminum Alloy

Stainless steel

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